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Extending workflows to meet broadcast needs

While broadcasters want IP for ease of deployment they don’t want it to change the way they actually use the system, says Clear-Com president Bob Boster

Any keen observer of modern broadcast trends, particularly on communication needs for production, will tell you customers want to do more, more efficiently, across more locations, and with gear that allows them to operate in a familiar way but without any infrastructural limitations.

While broadcasters want IP for ease of deployment, they don’t want it to change the way they actually USE the system. While they want wireless for freedom of movement around a facility, studio, or venue, they don’t want to have to manage frequency allocation or complex antenna distribution schemes.

And while they want dynamic configuration tools to be able to manage assignments and groups within a communication system flexibly, they don’t really want to dedicate a staff member to achieve that dynamism. Overall you can characterise this trend as ‘doing the same things with fewer resources, but in more ways’.

This trend, believe it or not, has been guiding our development for the last couple of years. Our efforts have yielded some amazing product and technology breakthroughs, especially in the areas of IP, workflow automation, and wireless intercom. At IBC2015, you can see us demonstrating these new capabilities with both brand new products and recent introductions that are already impacting the market.

We look forward to understanding your workflow challenges and showing you what solutions we have to address your communication and/or connectivity issues.