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Easier access to the archive

New features for the ALTO Archive and Content Library that make it easier to manage multi-petabyte systems have been released, along with enhancements for shelf storage of externalised disk replicas. They are intended for use in unattended data centres.

A new browser-based user experience for monitoring and management for ALTO is a response to the increase in popularity of distributed archives, said DAC. This new visual user interface will allow each of the distributed archive nodes and all of the system components to be managed from any location.

It allows facility managers and administrators to see the entire system resource from any location on any Google Chrome device.

Whether the archive is in a data centre or in a hazardous or geographically inaccessible location, the new user experience allows the system to be managed and monitored from a network operations centre in a secure location.

Also new is a shelf-storage management capability for ALTO. The ability to externalise storage media is a capability often supported in high-end data tape library systems, but being able to externalise individual disk drives from a petabyte-class disk storage system is unique to ALTO, claimed DAC.