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Draco tera offers a switch in time

Avid’s latest Pro Tools | S6 modular control surface includes integrated KVM switch support based on the IHSE network protocol.

Through the S6 Master Touch Module, the central hub of the S6 surface, users can control the Draco tera | S6 KVM switch to select between multiple Pro Tools workstations or other digital audio workstations.

According to IHSE, its KVM systems have been part of many Avid-based audio-mixing studios around the world for several years, including at Wildfire Sonic Magic, Technicolor Sound, Deluxe, Todd Soundelux and Electric Entertainment.

The company added that Avid has created an open architecture for third-party connectivity, and the integration of IHSE’s API for network control of KVM switching further expands Avid’s partner ecosystem.

Tim Carroll, vice president of product management for audio, Avid, said: “We selected IHSE’s Draco tera as our preferred KVM solution because of its ultra-fast switching, intelligent scalability and simple user interface. The performance of the KVM is so fast that the audio-mixing engineer cannot perceive that a switch has actually been made.”

Enno Littmann, managing director, IHSE, added: “This enables audio professionals to instantly switch Pro Tools sources, allowing them to focus on their jobs, rather than be distracted by the equipment or wait for a system reconfiguration to be carried out for them.

Individual studios can be assigned as required, operators will work more effectively and valuable assets can be better managed; with greater efficiency and security.”

“The integration with the Avid S6 system was something we were very keen on. It enables the workstation monitor to literally ‘follow’ what you’re working on as you work on the control surface,” said Jonathan Wales, CEO, Wildfire Sonic Magic. “Everyone loves it
here, and we are thrilled with such integrations.”