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Combo Live Pedestal rises up

The new Combo Live Pedestal series from Miller is claimed to offer users “a sturdy design for maximum stability, with reliable and simple to use features, making it perfect for live studio applications”.

There are two compact pedestals, each with a carry handle for the column and dolly, for easy portability. Miller claimed that they are easy to set up, with column tension control and a safety lock. The air adjustable column system also allows for quick payload balancing.

The pedestals have been designed for live use, in shot, offering smooth, quiet movement. The column rises by 45cm, and there is an independent dolly wheel axle brake system, with multiple wheel positions for linear or radius dolly tracking, and 125mm dual ball bearing wheels for quick swivel turns.

The Combo Live 30 can carry up to 30kg and has a steering wheel diameter of 294mm, while the Combo Live 55 carries 55kg and has a 400mm wheel. Both have a dolly tracking width of 964mm, adjustable cable guards and a portable hand pump with pressure gauge. The pedestals will be available paired with several of Miller’s fluid heads.