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Colour temperature tuneable Vari-White Fresnels

The new Super LED Vari-White range of LED Fresnels from De Sisti allows users to modulate the colour temperature range from 2800K to 6600K, with equal output throughout the colour temperature range.

There are two models: the 120W Super Led F6 VW has a 150mm (6-inch) diameter Fresnel lens, while the 200W Super Led F10 VW has a 250mm (10-inch) lens.

Both have a TLCI rating of 96 and can be DMX controlled. They offer smooth, silent dimming from 0 to 100 per cent, with little to no colour shift, and are flicker free.

There is also a Step Mode for Correlated Colour Temperature control in increments of 400K for every ten per cent of DMX variation, as well as a Continuous Mode for CCT control.

They use active cooling, but the hydrodynamic bearing fan is claimed to operate si-lently at a very low RPM. They are available with either positive lock manual yokes or pole-operated yokes.