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Cloud-based viewing analysis

Advanced analytics and monetisation capabilities for its end-to-end, cloud-based TV Platform as a Service are being demonstrated by Viaccess-Orca.

On show are analytics dashboards, which enable service providers to measure the effectiveness of the various content discovery sources, including recommendations, search, promotions, and catalogue and apps exploration, to optimise the customer experience.

Another improvement is what Viaccess-Orca claims is a unique search analysis tool that provides insights on subscribers’ interests, data on how well the current television offering meets those interests, and feedback on the effectiveness of the search.

A further enhancement to the service is advertising functionality that Viaccess-Orca says makes it easy for service providers to manage multiple advertising campaigns from one interface for increased revenue in the multiscreen environment.

Also being showcased by the company are various strategies for extracting actionable insights from TV data, via predictive analytics. Viaccess-Orca said this ensures that operators can deliver a more personalised TV experience to subscribers on any device, streamline their content strategy, and ultimately pave the way to TV audience monetisation.