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Cleaning and inspection tools for fibre optics

The company recently began shipping new cleaning and inspection accessory tools for its OpticalCon Advanced cable connectors. Designed for convenience in the field and as a much-improved method for cleaning the fibre optic ferrules without damage, the new fibre optic cleaning accessories are designed for engineers and technicians whose work routinely involves the use of Neutrik’s OpticalCon fibre optic cables.

Neutrick said the operation is easy and intuitive – a user pushes one of the cleaning tools onto the front face of the OpticalCon Advanced cable connector; the tool latches in place and holds the shutter open. The tool includes holes that are sized and positioned for inserting conventional third-party cleaning tools and inspection probes.

These tools eliminate the need to remove the cable connector front housing to access the fibre optic ferrules, simplifiying cleaning and inspection, said Neutrik.

The tools also make the process safer: by leaving the connector’s front housing in place, the risk of inadvertent damage to the fibre is reduced, said the company