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Cam on wire

JM 2.3 is the latest 3D camera motion system line from JoyMechanix, currently being demoed in Hall 11.

JoyMechanix said it offered all advantages of the first series JM 1.3 system, such as small winches for convenient transport and ease of operation during filming. The difference is JM 2.3 is designed for large areas, from concerts to sporting events, and is intended to be used with box-type cameras.

The company covers 3D, 2D and 1D robotic camera motion systems on cords and gyro stabilised 3-Axis pan-tilt heads.

“Cord-based 3D camera motion systems can be too bulky or too expensive for the needs of modern flying shoots,” said a JoyMechanix spokesperson. “Our novel approach has allowed us to reduce the size of the whole system by 90 per cent.

This makes it more agile and lightweight.”