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It’s Behind You!

Imagine being able to hear a monster growling right behind your ears, or watching a music video where the singer’s voice reacts to where you are looking.

360 VR films allow you to look all around, not just in front, and Two Big Ears’ technology aims to ensure that the audio is equally interactive.

The Scottish developer is in the IBC Future Zone showcasing some cutting edge VR games and 360 films using 3Dception, a cross-platform SDK that allows the user to hear sounds coming from any point in space, whether above, below, front or even behind them, all over a normal pair of headphones.

Abesh Thakur, CEO, Two Big Ears, explained that the core technology is targeted at immersive application developers in the emerging VR and AR industries.

“We have products which simplify the workflow and implementation of immensely efficient and advanced 3D audio algorithms, whether it’s for 360 videos, VR games on PC or mobile,” he added. “We not only do spatial positioning of sounds, but also recreate important acoustic cues to give a better idea of the space the user is in, as well as other effects such as occlusion using geometry analysis of a virtual environment.”

Two Big Ears has already launched game technology plug-ins and is currently working with partners on bringing an advanced workflow to post production of audio.

“We are working on features to ensure that 3Dception is the easiest to use and most effective product in the market,” said Thakur.