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Awash with data

The broadcast world is awash with data. The problems associated with that, according to Mike Kleiman, COO of Verimatrix, are two-fold.

“There’s a huge amount data out there that operators could leverage with significant benefit,” he said. “However, that data is very often in silos.

So, for example, marketing has access to some part of the data, and operations has access to another part, but neither can see what the other can see.

The second is that much of that data is subject to stringent data privacy laws, limiting what can be done with it.

“That situation isn’t made easier by the fact that different countries have different laws on the subject of data privacy, and that’s a real challenge for us,” he continued.

“But,” he smiled, “we love conquering complexity.”

At IBC, Verimatrix is announcing the availability of a quick-start evaluation program for Verspective Operator Analytics.

This new program will, said Kleiman, help operators better understand how to securely and rapidly collate data from various sources in video services and demonstrate the benefits of actionable analytics across multiple departments in their organisation.

For Kleiman, Verimatrix is in a strong position to help customers rise to the challenge of maximising the value of their data, given the company’s presence, experience and expertise. “That’s something they trust us with,” he said.