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Artemis Ray guns for big I/O

Artemis Ray is debuting at IBC2017. The product has 456 fully featured input channels – making it more powerful than the Artemis Beam. It can also manage 72 faders, the same as the larger Artemis Shine model.

Through the use of a new fader/monitor panel, Artemis Ray sports a new surface layout that allows more faders in a reduced surface area. The panel – also available on Artemis Light, Beam and Shine models – is the same width as a standard Artemis fader panel, and includes eight full-size faders to give operators even more control and a higher fader density in a smaller footprint, according to Calrec. This configuration saves around 200mm when compared to similar control surfaces.

In situations where space is at a premium, Artemis Ray’s 72-fader layout fits into a mere 2372mm (93.39in) of space, delivering more power than ever before in such a small footprint, claimed Calrec.