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aQ Broadcast: Newsroom, scripting and automation bonanza

Products being demonstrated on the aQ Broadcast stand will include those that the company has designed, developed, manufactured and supports in an integrated range of newsroom, scripting, automation and media management software alongside video server and production suite hardware.

In newsroom and scripting software, aQ Broadcast will show QNews, a newsroom computer system that provides script and rundown management as well as newsroom automation that supports every type of environment from large national broadcasters to small, two-user systems.

Also, QNet, a networked scripting solution that offers unique, multi-user, multi-column script production tools, including shot locks, cut lines, scene numbering, camera cards, flexible formatting and optional prompting.

In transmission automation and media management software, aQ Broadcast will be demonstrating QTx. This transmission automation software provides station automation based on the same database and client system as QNews. It provides a cost effective solution in environments where output consists of both live and pre-recorded content.

Also, QMedia, media management software that provides overarching media management functionality, including ingest, review, deletion, transfer, proxy handling, including archive and restore handling.
aQ Broadcast will also be showcasing aVS Video Server hardware, aVS firmware options, and aPS Production Suite.

The company will also showcase its integrated solution for regional broadcasters, with particular relevance to the new local TV sector in the UK.