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Women’s sport investment set to climb

Industry ready to capitalise on digital distribution opportunities

Imagen has found that 94 per cent of industry professionals are aiming to increase investment in women’s sport.

The survey suggested the move was motivated by commercial interest (29 per cent) and new opportunities for digital distribution (25 per cent).

The report also revealed:

  • Social media platforms account for 52 per cent of all interest and engagement with women’s sport
  • 62 per cent of senior sports industry executives expect more of their women’s sports content to be distributed via OTT platforms and social media in the future
  • Almost half (46 per cent) said their organisation is investing or planning to invest in the launch of a dedicated direct-to-consumer (DTC) streaming product

Will Pitt, Imagen head of sport, said: “To satisfy and capitalise on evolving audience demand for women’s sport, sports federations, governing bodies, leagues and clubs need to ensure they can meet these needs and make the content easily accessible.

“2019 has been a significant year for women’s sport in terms of exposure, viewership and growth. Crucially, younger, digitally savvy audiences are helping to fuel this rise.”