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‘Differentiated service’ is biggest IP content challenge

White paper from CCgroup and TVBEurope

Service providers see their ability to offer a differentiated service as the biggest challenge to delivering content over IP.

The findings are part a white paper from CCgroup and TVBEurope that looks at the impact of IP on broadcast service delivery and the vendor opportunity.

The white paper has been put together following a survey which aimed to provide an overview of the challenges broadcast service providers face in this transition to IP, and how technology vendors and service providers might begin to capture some of the exciting prospects that the move will ultimately yield.

Some 62 per cent of respondents said a differentiated service is the biggest challenge to delivering content over IP while just over half said they saw the ability to monetise TV services as the biggest challenge.

The third biggest challenge, and related to the first two, is the ability to keep subscriber loyalty in a world where consumers will quite happily hop from one service to another to get what they want.

Other findings of the white paper reveal 52 per cent of respondents say they believe IP will not become dominant as a content delivery medium until 2021 at the earliest.

Furthermore, 91 per cent of respondents said they expect to launch more services in the next three years, the bulk of which (57 per cent) will be OTT services packaged as part of an on-demand service.

More than half of broadcast service providers said that it has become harder to find the help they need from technology vendors with 64 per cent reporting the market has become too crowded and there are too many products/partners to review.

The white paper suggests the industry’s transition to IP will depend on the ability of broadcasters and their supporting technology vendors to work harmoniously to overcome challenges. It says technology providers must work much harder to make themselves discoverable, heard, and easier to work with.