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A quarter of Women’s World Cup viewers will watch on social media

Consumers reportedly "craving" more immersive viewing experiences

New research from Amdocs has found that 23 per cent of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 viewers will use social media as a primary streaming channel.

Amdocs head of marketing Yogen Patel noted how people of different ages consume media: “Of 18-24-year-olds, 53 per cent plan to watch the games via mobile devices and 30 per cent will do so on social media, both higher than the overall average.

“Meanwhile, for those aged 45-64, just 21 per cent plan to watch the games on mobile devices, outlining their desire for more traditional viewing means.”

The report (Stream On: Young Viewers at the Forefront of Women’s World Cup’s Digital Audience) also showed that the three most important factors for consumers when it comes to choosing a service provider are cost (40 per cent), viewing experience (18 per cent) and access to a broad content selection (11 per cent).

Consumers are also “craving” more immersive viewing experiences, including better service bundling options (47 per cent), 360-degree live game video (24 per cent) and VR/AR components (19 per cent).

Among the younger age group, 31 per cent seek 360-degree live game video and 27 per cent VR/AR offerings.

“Whether you’re toying with bringing 5G and/or VR to customers, providing better bundling options or simply looking to improve your media experiences across traditional and emerging channels, one thing that remains clear is that modern consumers crave unique experiences and feel as though there’s room for improvement in what they’re currently receiving,” added Patel. “We live in a dynamic time, and businesses that are able to adapt and innovate will be at the forefront of catering to the new viewer.”