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A quarter of UK consumers “plan to subscribe to Disney Plus”

"Netflix remains the streaming king"

A survey by ExpressVPN has found that 25 per cent of UK consumers plan to subscribe to Disney+.

The report also suggested:

  • Disney+ subscribers are “much more likely” to be millennials
  • 16 per cent of UK consumers are planning to subscribe to Apple TV+
  • 60 per cent plan to keep their existing video streaming subscriptions
  • 32 per cent have cancelled a subscription because they couldn’t watch a show due to geographical restrictions

Harold Li, ExpressVPN VP, said: “The launch of these new streaming services shows that the appetite for on-demand content that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere is massive and still growing—especially among millennials.

“For now at least, Netflix remains the streaming king but it will have to work hard to retain users in the face of new competition with huge war chests and existing ecosystem advantages.

“To maintain its lead, Netflix may have to reconsider how it offers different content libraries in each market, particularly given that Disney’s unique advantage of owning a significant volume of original movies and shows means it is more likely to be able to offer content with fewer geographical restrictions,” he added.