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Really to deliver Halloween chills via Facebook Live

Two live streams to take place with ghost-hunting group UK Haunted

UKTV channel Really is investigating the supernatural world with ghost-hunting group UK Haunted in two Facebook Live streams over the coming week.

Tonight, a selection of dolls, said to be cursed or possessed in some way, will be placed in an unknown location with locked off cameras. The live stream will be running from 10.30pm on Really’s Facebook page.

One unusual doll that will feature is Janet, a rare figurine made of leather that has teeth and no eyes. Owner Michael York, a member of the UK Haunted team, was contacted on Twitter by a woman in Texas who was eager to get rid of the doll that had been in her family since 1903.

York said, “All of her family hated the doll and never liked it being in the house. In the end, it was put in the attic and left up there. The family would hear footsteps coming from the attic. While filming with her in the past, I’ve felt really sick and had to leave the room.” 

The second Facebook Live will be a ghost hunt on Friday 3rd November. Further details about the location will be shared closer to the time.