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BuzzFeed launches live UK TV show on Twitter

#What2Watch is a weekly show offering viewers suggestions of what they should be watching

BuzzFeed is launching a second live TV show on Twitter.

Following the success of its US morning show AM to DM, the news organisation is launching a new 40-minute, weekly series #What2Watch later this year.

The show will be filmed at BuzzFeed’s offices in London and will be available to Twitter users around the world. 

It will offer suggestions of what viewers should be watching, both on linear TV and digital platforms. It will be hosted by BuzzFeed UK’s TV editor Scott Bryan and social media editor Dionne Grant.

Twitter’s internal figures show 69 per cent of users watch traditional TV every day, with 45 per cent viewing at least three hours a day. The company said there have been 32 million tweets about television in 2018.