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Spotify to release video content

Spotify will begin rolling out video content to its users this week

Spotify will begin rolling out video content to its users this week.

According to Spotify, the long-awaited transition to video content will take place by 30 January.

The music streaming service will be available to Android users in the UK, US, Germany, as well as the company’s native Sweden, with Apple iOS users being made to wait until the end of next week to gain access to the new content.

The service will initially involve short clips, typically from TV shows, although it has been reported that original music programming is being prepared for the platform. Spotify announced plans to expand to video content in May last year, and at the time said that it would provide entertainment, news and clips as part of its service.

Spotify, which has 75 million users and 20 million paying subscribers, has stated that the video product will be exclusive to Spotify’s mobile app upon launch.

“Obviously our primary user is a music fan, and they are not necessarily leaning in and looking into the app,” said Shiva Rajaraman, vice president of product at Spotify. “So there are no particular recipes for how to get this right.”

Spotify has claimed there will be no adverts in the video service when it launches, regardless of whether or not users are paying the subscription fee.

Users currently pay £9.99 a month to block out adverts from interrupting their music experience.