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Sky VR releases documentary about the Haka

360-degree documentary looks at the legacy of the Haka

Ahead of New Zealand’s first Test against the British and Irish Lions tomorrow, Sky VR is releasing a new 360-degree documentary about the legacy of the Haka.

Finding Haka is described as a “cinematic journey into the heart of New Zealand to discover the passion, dedication and understanding it takes to perform the famous ritual.”

The VR film promises to take viewers on “the intimate journey of a young Maori man exploring the ancient cultural traditions that drive the roots of rugby in New Zealand.”

The new VR experience was produced by immersive content studio Surround Vision, in partnership with Sky VR, and is available to view on iOS, Android and select other devices with a compatible VR headset.

It will be made available at 5pm today.

Neil Graham, Sky’s VR executive producer, said: “Finding Haka’ is a one-of-a-kind VR experience that transports the viewer into the heart of the world’s most iconic sporting and cultural ritual. A huge part of this tour is the pride that comes with striving to represent both the Lions and New Zealand, and this film really encapsulates that, bringing those experiences to life.”

James Hedley, Finding Haka’s director, added, “I wanted to create a powerful and important film that highlights the significance of preserving cultural identity and heritage. The power, the rawness and the eruption of emotion of the Haka is overwhelming; it begged to be explored in VR. I hope the film will resonate with not only sports fans but also history fanatics around the world.”