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Brian Drinkwater launches media consultancy

Drinkwater served as head of content management at AMC Networks for 15 years

Brian Drinkwater has stepped down from his role as head of content management at AMC Networks International to launch consultancy company, Kyle Partnership.

Drinkwater joined Liberty Global’s Chellozone in 2008. Subsequently acquired by AMC
Networks in 2014, he served as head of content management for 15 years. Prior to
AMC Networks, Drinkwater was a consultant and project manager in the UK, and had previously worked in programming and operations.

Speaking about his new role, he said: “I’ve variously launched, managed, developed, and had responsibility for over 60 national and international channels, brands, and services, both in conventional and streaming environments. I think it’s the right time to exploit my experience of 30-plus years in the business more widely.”

“I have been fortunate enough to have spent almost all my career partnering with entrepreneurial people who are passionate about what they do, whilst creating commercial success in doing so,” Dinkwater added. “Given that existing and new businesses in our industry are assessing, pivoting, and comprehending the impact of absorbing ‘disruption’, where consolidation is a likely key for growth, and formal regulation is on the horizon, I’m confident Kyle Partnership has plenty to contribute, from inherent wisdom, to assembling expertise in providing, devising, or supporting solutions”.