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Over half M&E industry professionals feel ill-informed about Brexit

Figures revealed in research from BVE

A new report suggests 53 per cent of media and entertainment industry professionals say they are not adequately informed about the impact Brexit will have on their business.

The research, from BVE, reveals M&E professionals still feel the true impact of Brexit on the industry remains to be seen, with industry experts calling for more clarity.

BVE’s event director Terry Washington said: “We just don’t know enough about Brexit today and what it will do to our industry, which is putting even greater impetus on industry collaboration. Industry events are a great platform for knowledge sharing and idea generation, offering an invaluable opportunity to get a feel for what peers are doing. As an industry, it’s our job to work together to look at the challenges that may come down the line and start to contingency plan as a collective.”

The trade show also found that 88 per cent of media and entertainment industry professionals identified collaboration as critical for skills and knowledge, while 83 per cent believe it helps drive a new wave of innovation, and 77 per cent growth. Furthermore, 87 per cent claimed collaboration has a positive impact on creativity and 81 per cent championed its link to business success.

Some 58 per cent of respondents said collaboration is more important today than it was a decade ago, and this is particularly prevalent with those in Heads of Department positions (68 per cent).

Washington added: “The creative industry contributed close to £92 billion to the UK’s economy in 2016, growing at twice the rate of the UK economy and it needs to stay alive. In an age of digital disruption and growing political uncertainty, it’s never been more important for the industry to unite.

“By coming together to collaborate, share ideas and find solutions to the everyday challenges we face as an industry – across all touchpoints and workflows – we can better future-proof, protect and drive forward Britain’s unique TV and film ecology which contributes so much to our economy and culture.”