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Microsoft buys VR social network AltspaceVR

'Adrenaline shot' will allow company to introduce new events, features and activities to the community

Microsoft has finalised an agreement to purchase AltspaceVR, a VR social network that had been set to close in August due to ‘unforeseen financial difficulty’.

In a blog post, AltspaceVR said that the deal was an ‘adrenaline shot’ for the service and that it now plans to introduce new events, features and activities to the community. It will remain a cross-platform offering, with no immediate plans to launch on Microsoft HoloLens.

Alex Kipman, technical fellow of new device categories in the windows and devices group at Microsoft, said: “With the AltspaceVR team on board, we look forward to building the world’s preeminent mixed reality community.”

The AltspaceVR blog post read: “AltspaceVR will stay AltspaceVR. Microsoft is most interested in preserving the current community that uses AltspaceVR to connect and interact with new and old friends.”

“These first few months will focus on fostering our community and making sure AltspaceVR remains a friendly, welcoming and vibrant place to hang out in VR.”