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Mediapro’s Telefoot on verge of shut down

A court is due to rule on the case between the French football league and Mediapro today.

Having launched just a few months ago, French football channel Telefoot is on the verge of closure due to the on-going row between parent company Mediapro and the French football league.

The situation is due to Mediapro’s refusal to make payments to the LFP that were due in October and December. The broadcaster argues they want a discount on the amount of money they agreed to pay for domestic rights for the 2020/21 campaign due to Covid pandemic.

Mediapro was due to pay approx. €3.3 billion over a four-year contract. A court is due to rule on the case between LFP and Mediapro today.

According to reports, staff at Telefoot have been told that there are two options in the short-term – either the channel remains in existence but has less rights, or the channel ceases to exist altogether.

It could mean French football fans could be left with no way to watch their teams.

Canal Plus is believed to be in negotiations about taking over Mediapro’s domestic rights, but they are expected to offer a significantly lower sum that Mediapro’s current €1.15 billion a year.