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Is Channel 4 the government’s next target?

PM reportedly thinks privatising the broadcaster is a "great idea"

Following reports the government is considering scrapping the licence fee and turning the BBC into a subscription service, it’s now being claimed Channel 4 could be “sold off.”

According to the Sunday Express, Boris Johnson believes that privatising the publicly owned broadcaster is a “great idea.”

Last year Johnson boycotted the broadcaster’s leaders debate on climate change, supposedly in retaliation for Channel 4’s head of news describing him as a “known liar.”

The Express quotes what it describes as a well-placed Conservative MP as saying: “Boris has privately confirmed that he will definitely privatise Channel 4. He thinks it’s a great idea.”

“There is no business for the public to own it anyway,” said the MP.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said it would not comment on what it called “speculation.”