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Irish government plans ‘root and branch’ investigation of RTÉ

Follows the resignation of director general Dee Forbes last month over undeclared payments made to broadcaster Ryan Tubridy

The Irish government is to commission what it describes as a “root and branch” investigation of broadcaster RTÉ following revelations it made undeclared payments to presenter Ryan Tubridy.

The investigation will be made up of two parts, said Irish culture minister Catherine Martin, a review of RTÉ’s governance and culture and a review of contractor fees, human resources and other matters.

Last month it was revealed that Tubridy had been paid €345,000 more than was declared publicly, which led to RTÉ’s director general Dee Forbes resigning with immediate effect.

In a statement, interim director general Adrian Lynch said that no member of the broadcaster’s executive board other than Forbes could have known figures published for Tubridy’s pay were incorrect.

The row has led to protests by staff at the public service broadcaster.

The Irish government said it has instigated the investigation because RTÉ has “lost the trust of the people and of its own staff”.

“That trust has been shattered,” added Martin. “The independent, root and branch examination of RTÉ I am announcing today is the beginning of our efforts to restore that trust.”

It’s expected the investigation will last for around six months.