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Irdeto launches new Android TV security solution

Irdeto Armor lets operators manage content piracy and block unauthorised software on the pay-tv platform

Irdeto has launched “Irdeto Armor”, a new security solution designed to protect the device, data and services built on Android TV.

Irdeto Armor lets operators manage content piracy and prevent the loading of unauthorised software on the platform.

The solution comes pre-integrated and ready-to-certify with Irdeto Cloaked CA, enabling operators to shorten the launch time of a hybrid set-top box (STB) by three to six months.

“Pay TV must evolve to survive, let alone thrive, and the services which will flourish will offer a credible user experience on all relevant devices to an increasingly discerning and value-conscious audience,” said Ed Barton, chief analyst of the Media, Entertainment and Consumer Practice at Ovum.

“The competition from digital platforms is intensifying and relying on audience lock-in doesn’t work: operators have to balance the latitude offered by Android TV to finesse the user experience while protecting their ecosystems and business models alike,” he continued.

Irdeto Armor combines conditional access and watermarking to protect premium content like 4K UHD. According to the company, its new OTT security solution manages multiple DRMs and business policies, combined with high availability and 24×7 support, enabling operators to introduce OTT apps into the app store quickly and seamlessly.

“Changes in consumer behaviour, the growth of unmanaged devices and the rapid evolution of STB platforms are just some of the challenges faced today by pay TV operators,” said Andrew Bunten, SVP of Content Protection at Irdeto. “The need to differentiate on content is more critical now than ever before.

“Open platforms like Android TV allow operators to future-proof their STB and provide consumers with choice. At the same time, protecting open platforms is crucial to preventing loss of revenue, STB investment, content and data as well as any other damage to the operator’s brand.