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Free webinar: IP – the business case

'How did we get here and where are we going?' will take place on 28th November

TVBEurope and TSL will host a free webinar on 28th November.

The live webinar, titled IP – the business case: how did we get here and where are we going?, will take place at 3pm GMT.

With the expertise of industry leaders Mark Davies, director of products and technology and Steve Brownsill, audio product manager, TSL Products, the webinar will explore requirements capture, standardisation, product design, proof of concept and interoperability tests, concluding with an insight into the design and deployment of some of the world’s first fixed studio and mobile, fully IP production installations.

The webinar will discuss the multiple facets of broadcast IP, including:

  • IP as the logical platform for broadcast production – why is this transition is happening now?
  • Required engineering skillset and technical issues
  • The business case – does IP production bring advantages that justify the capital investment?
  • Operational staff – can the complexities of IP be removed from operators?
  • Standards frameworks and industry cooperation – what is required to make IP production work with minimum risk?
  • The future – a fully IP infrastructure

Don’t miss out on this webinar covering one of the hottest topics in the media and broadcast industry. Register for free here.