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DPP report offers guide to for companies rebuilding for uncertain future

Design for Tomorrow: Key Design Principles report offers guidance for companies rebuilding after a tumultuous 2020

A new report from the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) sets out guidance for media companies on how to “build back better from the turmoil of 2020”.

The Key Design Principles report, the first in the DPP’s new Design for Tomorrow series of reports and webcasts, curates insights from across the DPP’s membership to lay out the “foundational components that will equip a company to succeed, even when the future is so unknown”.

The report, which was supported by DPP members SDVI, Sony and Zixi, draws on the insights to offer practical guidance for companies looking to rebuild for the future following a turbulent year of disruption as a result of the global pandemic. 

DPP CEO and author of the report, Mark Harrison, explained, “It’s easy to talk in general terms about the need to do things differently, but we have embraced the challenge of identifying exactly what this means. No company can be entirely future-proof, but this report provides a unique and razor-sharp checklist that will get you as close as possible.”

The are five key principles laid out in the report:

  1. Safe: A business culture that makes employees, customers and stakeholders feel safe  
  2. Available: Teams have access to the systems, assets and people they need, wherever they are
  3. Flexible: The business is able to respond rapidly to changing conditions and opportunities 
  4. Informed: An intelligent business is led by data  
  5. Relevant: Being at ease with the context in which you operate

The report is available to DPP members on the organisation’s website, and the DPP will be discussing the key findings with contributors on Thursday 27th August at 16.30 BST.