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BBC Studioworks, Elstree renew partnership

Deal extended to 2020

One of the UK’s biggest facilities partnerships – BBC Studioworks’ hiring of three stages at Elstree Studios – has been renewed through to 2020 after a very successful period of three years for prime time shows like Strictly Come Dancing.

The partnership is based on Elstree Studios providing stages converted for television production, with BBC Studioworks putting up state of the art TV studio technical facilities.

The stages involved are eight, nine and one of the George Lucas stages, for which Elstree built in production galleries, dressing rooms, make up, wardrobe and audience facilities.

The Lucas one is the largest purpose-built TV stage in the UK, and has already hosted many to UK shows: in addition to Strictly Come Dancing, which utilises 96 live audio channels, The Voice was shot here prior to moving to ITV, along with A League of Their Own and Let it Shine. Soon to be shot is Britain’s Got Talent. Stages eight and nine again have been used for producing The Chase, Pointless, Celebrity Juice and Virtually Famous.

Explaining that electrical power installations include backup generators for all the TV stages and fibre broadcast connectivity, Elstree Studios MD Roger Morris said: “This continuing partnership is a testament to our belief in the need for first class TV studio facilities in London.”

Pointing to BBC Elstree, which adds studio D to the options, David Conway, MD of BBC Studioworks, said he now heads the UK’s largest provider of TV studio facilities.

He added: “We are pleased to confirm our commitment to the London studios market and to our valued clients with the growth of our footprint across TV Centre and Elstree. Our trusted partnership here has allowed us to deliver many memorable productions.”