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Anton/Bauer’s new motion-sensing battery

Featuring a 120 watt-hour capacity and a brand new motion detection sensor that protects against capacity loss, Anton/Bauer's new DIONIC HCX is the company's latest addition to its DIONIC high-current battery line.

Featuring a 120 watt-hour capacity and a brand new motion detection sensor that protects against capacity loss, Anton/Bauer’s new DIONIC HCX is the company’s latest addition to its DIONIC high-current battery line.

The sensor works like this: after a two-week period without a load, the DIONIC HCX automatically goes into “deep sleep,” significantly reducing self-discharge and allowing extended storage with nearly zero capacity loss. To “awaken” the battery for normal use, customers need only move the battery, thus activating the motion detection feature and as a result, “wake up” the battery. This new motion detection feature significantly increases the overall life of the battery by mitigating lithium-ion battery self-discharge when the battery is not in use. Anton/Bauer also has plans to integrate the DIONIC HCX with its signature Anton/Bauer Battery Management System (AB-BMS), which, in the future, will allow users to program the inactivity time length prior to the battery “going to sleep,” further allowing the customer to tailor their battery systems to their specific needs.

“We’ve spent many years innovating new, powerful and advanced solutions for our customers, so it’s no surprise that we’re debuting one of our most exciting product developments during our 40th anniversary year,” said Michael Accardi, president, Anton/Bauer. “With the addition of the DIONIC HCX, we now have more solutions than ever for our customers, across many different battery chemistries. Whether our users are looking for a powerful NiCad, lithium-ion or nickel metal hydride solution, they know they can count on us to equip them with the best solutions for their needs, and that we’ll be there to help them make the smartest choice.”

With the growing demand for high-current batteries compatible with today’s power-hungry camera equipment, the DIONIC HCX is a lightweight yet powerful solution for camera crews. Weighing just 1.09kg, the DIONIC HCX is capable of withstanding high instantaneous current draws in addition to 10 amp sustained current draws. The DIONIC HCX can power a 40 watt camera with a 20 watt light for over two hours – making it the perfect choice for users working with on-camera lighting applications requiring a high current draw.

In addition, the DIONIC HCX offers an enhanced LCD RealTime fuel gauge. Users can now quickly and easily check their run-time, with the display showing up to nine hours of run-time when used under low-power load conditions. The new LCD display clearly indicates remaining run-time and battery capacity, showing the number of hours available with a seven segment display surrounded by arcs indicating 15 minute intervals. A battery “gas gauge” indicator also shows remaining capacity in 20% intervals underneath the remaining run-time indicators.

The DIONIC HCX is an ideal high-current power option for users working worldwide. Though any battery with over 100 watt-hour capacity is classified as a Class 9 hazardous item with rigorous restrictions on transportation, the DIONIC HCX registers under the 160-watt capacity prohibited for air travel. Thus, DIONIC HCX users can bring up to two DIONIC HCX battery units on board both domestic and international airlines – a major benefit for camera crews traveling anywhere for a shoot.