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Advocacy group Rise launches mentoring scheme

"Every bit of effort you put in to a mentoring scheme will be more than quadrupled in terms of what you get out of it," Rise founder Sadie Groom tells TVBEurope

Gender diversity advocacy group Rise has announced its first mentoring scheme.

The programme, which is based in the UK, will work with ten women across operations, engineering, sales, marketing and business within the broadcast industry.

Each woman will be assigned a mentor and have ten hours of contact with their industry professional. They will also have the opportunity to meet with the rest of the group on a monthly basis, as well as attend networking events and workshops throughout the six-month period.

The mentoring programme is free and is open to those women already working within the creative and digital industry, but is also open to those working within other sectors too.

Rise founder, Sadie Groom, took part in the Women in Film and Television mentoring scheme herself, and tells TVBEurope it was pivotal to her career: “I felt at a cross roads with owning a business and deciding if to put it into growth mode or not. Through the work that I did with my very well chosen mentor and my fellow mentees it gave me the confidence, industry knowledge and support to grow the business. 

“What did I find most valuable – the friendships that I made with my fellow mentees which has resulted in years of support, contact sharing, referrals and the odd glass of wine. If you are either starting out, want to get into the broadcast sector or you have a particular career challenge go on a mentoring scheme as every bit of effort you put in will be more than quadrupled in terms of what you get out of it.”

Women can apply to the scheme via the Rise website. The deadline for entries is 31st March.