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80 per cent of creative industry companies worried about Brexit’s impact on their reputation

CBI is calling on government to ensure creative industry won't be harmed by Brexit

A new report from the CBI has found that 80 per cent of companies in the UK’s creative industries are worried about the impact Brexit will have on their reputation.

The CBI is using the findings from its Centre Stage report to urge the government to create future immigration and skills policies that will ensure the continued growth of the sector as well as make efforts to boost the profile of smaller businesses.

It has also asked the government to ensure economic harms such as copyright infringement and piracy are included in its approach to internet regulation.

“The creative industries punch well above their weight internationally,” said CBI director general Dame Carolyn Fairbairn.

“As other countries seek to emulate the UK’s success, the government must further invest in this sector and implement world-leading copyright protections. Otherwise we risk falling behind our European counterparts post-Brexit.”