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Breakthrough for Media Links with STL and PTP using IP over microwave line

The demonstration marks a world first for the technology

Media Links, in collaboration with partner, Oscilloquartz, has successfully demonstrated a studio to transmitter link (STL) and precision time protocol (PTP) using IP over microwave utility lines, in what the company said is a world first for the technology.

The demonstration took place on an existing microwave install at a broadcasting station in the Philippines between May 13th to 17th. Leveraging existing microwave equipment at the station, Media Links deployed its MDP3020 SFN STL over IP/PTP solution, transmitting both broadcast content and PTP timing. Its team confirmed both normal operation of the signal transmission and accurate transmission of the timing.

Due to their locations, microwave transmission is a necessity for many broadcasting stations, said Media Links. The company will now offer STL transmission using the IP/PTP over microwave dedicated lines to broadcast networks in Japan and around the world.

Tsukasa Sugawara, CEO of Media Links, said: “The success of this demonstration has made it possible to realise STL transmission by IP/PTP over microwave lines, where previously this was a difficult step in the IP migration of broadcaster systems. Going forward, we will not only propose IP migration within broadcast stations, but also the IP migration of STL transmission, thereby delivering a complete IP migration of broadcast systems.

Anil K Reddy, associate vice president of Oscilloquartz, Adtran Networks added: “It is exciting to see success of the trial of PTP over IP Microwave networks with OSA Synchronisation technology. Adtran’s Oscilloquartz innovative and versatile solutions bring the highest timing accuracy required in packet broadcast networks both on wired and wireless networks for a better quality of experience.”