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Talent of the future

Once more IBC is proud to support the IBC Rising Stars programme. This is a free initiative to help the newest entrants into the industry to discover the information
and the contacts that matter to them.

The programme, which starts today, has a set of tailored and exclusive conference sessions tackling topics that really matter to young professionals. Speakers at these sessions include some top influencers from around the industry: today the Rising Stars will hear from senior executives at VICE, YouTube and Divimove.

The day’s business ends with a panel discussion on the future of broadcasting. Panellists range from the CTO of Sony Pictures Entertainment to the executive producer of The Voice UK.

The programme also includes sessions designed to develop key skills and understanding of the structure of the industry. Some of the IBC2015 Conference Keynote sessions are also included for the Rising Stars.

Together with free entry to the IBC Exhibition, delegates in the scheme have the chance to network with entrepreneurs and leaders in the industry, and of course, they will network with
each other.

IBC is the leading forum at which all sides of the electronic media industry come together. Hosting IBC Rising Stars is an important part of ensuring that the industry remains vibrant, dynamic and the place where the best of the new generation of talent want to be.

To find out more details on IBC Rising Stars, including the programme visit