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Opinion: Leveraging the promise of IP

Much like the move from analogue to digital, the transition from SDI to IP is another landmark change for broadcasters. A large number of TVU customers are fully embracing the change, and for good reason. IP opens up opportunities for broadcasters to improve the efficiency of their workflows, consolidate redundant legacy equipment, and expand operations in a cost effective manner.

At TVU, our focus is on enabling our customers to leverage the promise of IP on both the acquisition and the distribution end. Since our earliest days, TVU has been focused on how to deliver high quality video over IP connections. We have continued to innovate and introduce new solutions that help our customers embrace IP.

For example, at the acquisition end, we offer the TVUPack family of IP newsgathering transmitters that are capable of transmitting HD video over multiple cellular, microwave, satellite, Ethernet or WiFi connections at sub-second latency. On the distribution side we have developed TVU Grid, our innovative IP switching, routing and distribution solution. Since its introduction one year ago, many of the biggest broadcast organisations in the world have begun deploying TVU Grid to accelerate their move to IP.

It’s clear that cellular ENG has become an essential tool for broadcasters. We work with hundreds of broadcast customers around the world on a daily basis to help ensure that they can deliver successful, high quality transmissions. That said, TVU has moved our focus beyond just transmitting over cellular networks. Broadcasters demand flexibility and resiliency, and as a result it is vital to not only optimise video traffic over cellular networks, but to also facilitate transmission over other IP links to ensure maximum bandwidth for each transmission.

To that end, our TVUPack transmitters can aggregate multiple cellular, satellite and microwave connections simultaneously – and can add or drop any type of connection without disrupting the transmission.

Broadcasters demand that every transmission be successful, and we are working closely with our customers to meet that goal. We have also developed strategic partnerships with a number of satellite and microwave providers, such as Vislink, that enable us to deliver a complete solution to customers. In the future, broadcasters should expect to see more of these type of robust solutions.

At IBC2014 TVU is displaying a number of new solutions that help broadcasters embrace IP newsgathering. We are introducing a number of updates to our TVUPack family of solutions that will dramatically improve the TVUPack’s flexibility and the resiliency of each transmission. We are showcasing our TVU Grid solution and demonstrate how broadcasters can utilise it to speed their transition to IP. And we are introducing solutions developed in conjunction with strategic partners.