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FT-One speeds into IBC

The latest version of the FT-One high-speed 4K camera is making its IBC debut.

The FT-One-LS-12G is designed for fast-paced sporting events and is said to offer high-quality image performance even in low light conditions. It supports 4K shooting at 500fps and up to 1200fps in HD. The camera is equipped with a sensor that enables noise reduction.

Other FOR-A products making their show debut at IBC include the FRC-9000 and MCC-4K frame rate converters, and the

USF-10IP 10 GbE IP Converter. The latter is a dual 10GbE video over IP module series that changes signals to and from various IP video formats including Aspen, NMI, SMPTE 2022-5/6, SMPTE 2110 and TR-03/04.

Another first for IBC is the Yem Eletex LMCC-8000 8K/4K linear matrix colour converter. Jointly developed between FOR-A and Japan’s NHK, the unit converts colour gamut and dynamic range of dual green or full resolution 8K signals, and also supports 4K-UHD and full 4K signals.