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UK’s Film and TV Charity announces tools to help freelancers with cost of living crisis

The Charity has released three tools, including a budget planner, bills prioritiser and savings calculator

The UK’s Film and TV Charity has partnered with MoneyHelper to launch a range of digital financial tools with the aim of supporting for those worrying about the cost of living crisis.

The tools are designed for freelancers who may experience less certainty with their income, and for those in employment who may also be experiencing significant pressures, said the Charity.

All three tools can be accessed via the Charity’s website and include a Budget Planner and Bills Prioritiser to give users a better understanding of how they can manage their money and improve their finances. A Savings Calculator also aims to give users advice on how to plan and learn how to reach their financial targets. 

The Charity added that it recognises the tools won’t provide a complete fix for all financial worries and troubles, but it is launching them to complement its existing support, including support for those with an urgent financial need.

The Film and TV Charity’s CEO, Alex Pumfrey, said: “With the cost-of-living crisis and rising energy bills causing grave concern, we want to ensure that everyone in the TV and film industry has access to the best advice and guidance possible. Our new financial tools aren’t a magic bullet to the cost-of-living crisis, but they do offer a greater ability to plan and manage finances and ultimately strengthen resilience.

“Alongside our existing support, such as Stop-Gap Grants, our Wellbeing at Work Advisors, and the brilliant people at the end of our Film and TV Support Line, we really hope that people working in film, TV, and cinema can feel financially, emotionally, and practically supported during this incredibly difficult period.”