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DPP report asks whether understanding value is now the key to success

Burrito or Bust: Is understanding value now the key to success? features input from a number of key industry executives

The DPP’s latest report questions the media industry’s ability to align its cost base with the value of what it makes.

Burrito or Bust: Is understanding value now the key to success? summarises a roundtable discussion at the DPP’s leadership event, DPP Exclusive. It features input from six key industry figures including Simon Farnsworth, EVP, global head of broadcast technology and operations, Discovery, Sky’s group content processing director Darren Long, and Josh Stinehour from Devoncroft Partners.

The roundtable featured a discussion on the extent to which the media tech industry now understand its costs, and its value proposition. Topics covered included

  • People have been worried for a long time that the model will break; but it’s already broken
  • Those that continue with old practices will be at a severe competitive disadvantage within the next three to five years
  • The gap between the views of executives, and their people on the ground has never been greater
  • We have to squeeze the middle to rationalise the cost of doing business
  • If you can’t own the relationship with the consumer, even the most efficient supply chain will be meaningless
  • We have to give direct to consumer technology back to content owners themselves – and that will drive real disruption

The report is available for DPP members to download from the DPP website.