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Waging war on piracy

Today’s pay-TV operators have high expectations when it comes to fighting piracy, according to Viaccess-Orca, particularly on live sports broadcasting. At IBC, Viaccess-Orca is showcasing Eye on Piracy, which the company said helps content owners and operators track, fight, and prove various types of piracy, such as web streaming and peer-to-peer content redistribution. Links, it says, can be removed within the first few minutes of broadcast.

A new ‘Snapshots’ feature has been added to the Eye on Piracy service to capture illegally redistributed video streams. This new capability enables rights owners to collect evidence on piracy, in realtime, in order to build legal cases in the most efficient manner possible. During a live demo at IBC, attendees are seeing how Eye on Piracy helps operators rapidly take down TV content from illegal sites and eliminate the redistribution of live events, such as major sports matches.

The company is also unveiling its Adaptive Sentinel solution, which it describes as a unified, end-to-end card and card-less Conditional Access system that is secure, flexible, and cost-effective. Adaptive Sentinel combines Viaccess-Orca’s Prime Sentinel and Dynamic Sentinel, offering service providers what Viaccess-Orca claimed was the highest standard of chipset and smartcard security alongside a rich set of card-less security and preventive services. With Adaptive Sentinel, operators no longer need to wait 6-12 months to deploy new STBs, according to the company.

Viaccess-Orca is also showing how Italian operator Mediaset, Israeli satellite provider yes, and Norwegian operator TV2 were able to get TV Everywhere apps up and running within a matter of a few weeks with the Connected Sentinel Player.