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Steadicam offers modular support

Tiffen International is demonstrating the top of the range M-1 Steadicam on the Polecam stand.

The company claimed the M-1 is the strongest and most robust Steadicam so far. The ‘M’ stands for modular, allowing users to start with the simplest post and upgrade to the full rig when it is required.

The company said the G-70x Elastic Arm on the M-1 is highly durable, performance adjustable, and offered smooth operation with a 70lb lifting capacity and a 29-inch boom range.

Also on the Polecam stand is the Lowel PRO Power LED. It is a compact focusing model available in hi-CRI tungsten or daylight colour, with a wide fresnel 8:1 focus range. The Lowel PRO light is useful for on-the-go shooting and small location studio set-ups.