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VIDEOFUTUR adds multiscreen, Cloud recording capabilities

Gives subscribers access to 11 new Mediawan group channels

Fibre internet service provider VIDEOFUTUR has announced major changes to its proposition available on all public initiative networks.

The additions include:

  • myVIDEOFUTUR, a new multiscreen application allowing subscribers to access all their content anytime, anywhere
  • nPVR, enabling recording on any screen, with recordings stored for three months in a personal Cloud and accessible from any device
  • New 4K HDR TV box along with a new TV interface, enhancing personalisation through live channels, replay or VoD
  • Extra content with Mediawan, giving subscribers access to 11 new Mediawan group channels

VITIS president Mathias Hautefort said: “Entertainment, innovation, personalisation, simplicity are the benchmarks that have guided us in the evolution of our VIDEOFUTUR offers. We decided to put the fibre at the service of entertainment in all its forms, in mobility, on all the screens of the house.”