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Video Completion Rates hit 92 per cent with OTT viewers

New figures from Extreme Research

Video completion rates have hit 92 per cent with audiences watching via OTT or connected TVs according to a new report from Extreme Research.

The figure is a 16 per cent increase compared to Q2 2017.

According to the company’s Q2 2018 Video Advertising Benchmarks Report, Connected TV viewing has also overtaken mobile viewing for the first time in the US, as cord-cutting has increased and matured. Year on year, Extreme Reach found a 111 per cent increase in ad viewing on Connected TVs, with 38 per cent of all video impressions coming from that platform, as opposed to just 30 per cent from mobile.

Mary Vestewig, senior director of video account management at Extreme Reach said: “Just when we think we’ve reached the stability that comes with maturation, the rapidly-evolving digital landscape brings us more exciting developments. This quarter reveals the amazing opportunity in CTV.

“CTV is clearly on the path to becoming the dominant platform for media consumption, and premium inventory is the most sure-fire audience draw. Soon, I’m sure we’ll see more moves like Roku’s new ad marketplace, as these platforms prove a viable means of reaching audiences now fragmented across linear and OTT TV.”