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UKTV Play reports 40 per cent YoY increase

Service now has 2.3 million registered users

UKTV has reported its on-demand service UKTV Play has seen a 41 per cent increase in views year-on-year.

The service now has 2.3 million registered users.

In terms of its linear channels, UKTV said its adult SOCI (share of commercial impacts) is 9.53 per cent, up 3 per cent year-on-year. In addition, the network has seen strong growth in 16-34 SOCI, which is up 6 per cent year-on-year to 6.74 per cent.

UKTV also reported:

  • Gold (+29 per cent), Alibi (+13 per cent), Yesterday (+22 per cent) and Home (+25 per cent) have all seen significant year-on-year 16-34 share increases
  • In Q1, UKTV had three of the top four non-PSB channels in Britain (Drama, Dave and Yesterday)
  • UKTV achieved over a 6 per cent share on six consecutive days in April – the first time in the network’s history
  • UKTV Original, Hypothetical, launched with 1.2 million viewers and is the most popular show on the network year-to-date