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Tour de France’s audience on the rise

Eurovision Sport reports more viewers watching across Europe

This year’s Tour de France is finding a bigger audience than ever before with members of the European Broadcasting Union.

According to figures from European Sport and ASO, this year’s race has attracted:

  • Over 2 million average viewers in Italy on RAI (RAI 2) on Saturday 20th July with a 20.2 per cent market share
  • Audience peaks on Saturday of 2 million in Spain on TVE (La1) and 2.3 million in Italy on RAI (RAI2)
  • In Germany ARD recorded average viewers of 1.5 million (Saturday) and 1.7 million (Sunday)
  • Over 1 million average viewers in the Netherlands on NOS (NPO1) on Saturday and Sunday, with market shares above 56 per cent over the weekend
  • In Denmark, a 66.6 per cent market share was reported for TV2 on Saturday and a 56.9 per cent market share on Sunday with a 0.7 million peak audience
  • Belgium’s VRT saw a 1 million peak audience on Saturday on EEN, with a market share of 59.4 per cent

According to Eurovision Sport, this year’s event has seen more cycling fans tuning in than last year, most notably in Belgium (Flemish and French) and Italy. In these three markets the top average audiences have exceeded those in 2018 on VRT (+13.0 per cent), RTBF (+23.8 per cent) and RAI (+17.6 per cent).

Frédéric Sanz, head of cycling at Eurovision Sport said: “We are very proud of our long-standing relationship with ASO and it is exciting to see such a historic event as the Tour de France attracting high audiences via the unrivalled exposure delivered by the EBU Members. The race continues to captivate the imagination year after year, with these figures proving its enduring appeal to sports fans across Europe.”