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Super Bowl 50 to deploy MultiDyne’s HD-500 RX technology

MultiDyne’s fibre-optic signal transport technology will be implemented at Super Bowl 50, as well as the NFL Championship weekend

MultiDyne’s fibre-optic signal transport technology will be implemented at Super Bowl 50, as well as the NFL Championship weekend.

The technology will be mounted to a SkyCam robotic camera system, which is designed to provide viewers with a unique birds-eye perspective of the on-field action.

SkyCam uses a Sony HDC-P1 box-style camera; tethered to a gyro-stabilised, weatherproof housing, which includes a mounted HD-3500 multi-rate high definition fibre-optic transport link from MultiDyne.

The MultiDyne HD-500 RX converts the SDI video signal from the camera into optical so that it can travel across a fibre-optic suspension cable.

“NFL fans at home have become familiar with the distinctive point of view that the SkyCam systems provides, as it adds immense value to the live broadcast of an NFL football game, or virtually any sporting event,” said Stephen Wharton, CTO of SkyCam. “The technology inside leverages the MultiDyne fibre-optic transport link to bring the camera signals up to the control booth and then eventually into the live broadcast.

“We couldn’t do this without the MultiDyne HD-3500 units, due to their size and capability to maintain the quality of the signal going back to the booth and then on to the production truck on site.”

“It’s been a pleasure supporting SkyCam at the many events it covers throughout the year, as we feel it adds huge value to the live broadcast and can be fitted to any type of sports stadium or arena,” said Frank Jachetta, president of MultiDyne. “We support many exciting events with MultiDyne technology but SkyCam is certainly one of the most unusual and innovative applications in broadcast. I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl, particularly to see what the guys at SkyCam have in store for us.”

The HD–3500 provides a multi–rate high definition fibre optic transport link, supporting HD-SDI video signals up to 1080p at 3G/s. The system also supports 2 channels of outbound digital AES audio or four analogue audio channels with 2 bidirectional auxiliary audio channels for four-wire intercom. It is also capable of hosting two bidirectional RS–232 or RS 422 data channels as well as four GPI and one tally.

The Super Bowl, which will be played at Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California, will be played on 24 January.