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SubTV expands online with EBS

EBS has provided TV data and EPG services to Subtv, the Student Union’s broadcast service

EBS has provided TV data and EPG services to Subtv, the Student Union’s broadcast service. Subtv has been operational since 2003 and is aired in Student Union bars and cafes reaching an audience of around 1.76 million, at 96 Universities across the UK.

Subtv’s investment in EBS technology is part of its transition to a music channel and expansion to online and other platforms. The Subtv service currently deploys screens in pairs; one featuring the main broadcast feed of music videos, the other displaying tweets and advertising. It will now add an online TV offering, made available via

EBS will be providing its editorial service, writing all the programme descriptions for Subtv and supplying a feed to TV Connect. EBS will also set up a Facebook guide for Subtv and pick out programme information that can be tweeted using one of a series of specially created tweet templates.

“As a small broadcaster, we don’t have the man power in-house, so letting EBS take care of all our editorial work, integration with social media and EPG delivery to different broadcast platforms makes a big difference to us,” said Simon Marriott, head of broadcast. “The EBS team were also very helpful to us in setting up processes on our side, and guided us every step of the way.”

Nick Brown, Subtv’s newly appointed CTO added, “The expansion to an online platform means we can give viewers access wherever and whenever they want. This is going to be an excellent test bed for the service, ahead of our plans to launch on Sky and Freesat in the future. Our deal with EBS means we can help viewers discover the content they want to watch, whether this is when watching online or accessing information using social media or on our display screens.”