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Sony launches phones with 21:9 aspect ratio screen

Sony said films are already being released in 21:9

Sony is launching a new suite of mobile phones with extra large screens and “cinema-quality” features.

Sony’s Xperia 10, 10 Plus and 1 smartphones are launching with a 21:9 aspect ratio screen, which the company said would allow users to watch videos in the same format as at a cinema. Most smartphones have 16:9 or 18:9 aspect ratios.

A 21:9 device would allow viewers to watch many films without any black bars on the sides, top or bottom.

The Xperia 1 also includes a 4K HDR OLED screen.

Sony said that in addition to its Sony Pictures films, brands including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube are increasingly providing content in 21:9. The Japanese tech giant also said it’s working with the makers of “Fortnite” and other firms to offer video gaming experiences in the new format.