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Sky launches Brexit-free news channel

"Gives people the option to take a break from Brexit"

Sick of Brexit? Sky News is taking back control of the news cycle by launching a Brexit-free news channel to filter out rolling coverage of the issue.

Following a study that found a third of people actively avoiding the news due to cycles dominated by Brexit, with 58 per cent saying it had a negative impact on their mood, Sky News: Brexit-Free (Sky Channel 523) will launch on 16th October at 5pm.

“Sky News will now offer viewers the chance to catch up on the big national and international stories – without any fears of hearing about Brexit,” the broadcaster said in a statement. The main Sky News channel will continue to cover the topic.

John Ryley, head of Sky News, said: “Sky News: Brexit-Free is a bold approach but listening to public opinion over the past weeks and months, it’s something we know our viewers will find valuable.

“Brexit is an historic story that has a major impact and we will continue to give it comprehensive coverage. The new channel simply gives people the option to take a break from Brexit, apply a filter to their headlines and hear about issues away from Westminster and Brussels with a focus on hard-hitting, original journalism.”