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Roku, Innovid partner on new TV measurement tool

Aims to quantify reach and frequency across linear and OTT inventory

Roku and Innovid have joined forces to launch a new analytics system that measures demographic reach and frequency on ad campaigns run across the Roku platform and linear TV.

The new tool takes linear TV and OTT data from Roku’s 30.5 million active accounts and combines them with the 75 million households to which Innovid serves ads to produce insights about how to allocate ad inventory from Roku and others without additional tagging or integrations.

The product is now being tested with several select Innovid and Roku clients including Verizon. The solution will soon expand to include all of OTT, broadening it beyond the Roku platform.

According to Alison Levin, VP, ad sales and strategy at Roku, more than half of the platform’s audiences are cord cutters, “As marketers follow viewers from linear TV to OTT, they need tools to evaluate audience overlap and incremental reach across screens and suppliers,” she said.

“Marketers understand that OTT can build incremental reach to traditional TV buys. Innovid and Roku are now making it easier to connect audiences across all of television,” said Jessica Hogue, general manager, measurement and analytics, Innovid. “The ability to measure reach and frequency across ad campaigns running on linear TV and the Roku platform gives marketers deeper transparency and the ability to reduce over-frequency to drive better business outcomes.”